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I wonder if math-focused guys have higher risk for becoming players and bloggers

Edit: after publishing this, realized the post’s tone doesn’t very well convey that this is semi-satirical, despite having some basis in my personal experience.

This could be complete coincidence and selection bias, or there could be genuine truth in this observation, but as it says in the title, I have a hunch that computer, math, and technical science-based guys are more at risk of becoming players or taking their dating lives seriously.

I rounded up a few examples that led to this hunch:

  • Me, definitely math-inclined
  • Jonny Smooth, a friend and wing of mine, who I originally met in a math class
  • Maddmonk might be, he references engaging with math in his blog on occasion (example)
  • Red Quest, based on his (motivating) book The Good Girl, either sympathizes with these kinds of guys or is one himself, as the main character is somewhere on the technical spectrum in his career choices
  • Breeze mentions that he was pretty far on the nerd spectrum
  • And there’s likely several others I haven’t noticed it in, who fit under the umbrella of math-science.

If I were to speculate at causes, it could be because most guys who have at least moderate success with girls and dating aren’t going to feel such lack in their sex lives that they choose to take the Red Pill, whereas engineers and mathematicians tend to face more sexual desolation in their fields and have to look outside the circlejerk for love and physical affection. Or perhaps this overrepresentation occurs because of the methodical nature of those math and science fields, leading to thorough analysis of what works and what doesn’t, while more natural guys don’t feel a need to test their ideas and share their sex struggles and victories online with strangers.

Keeping this post short, but several life happenings going on in my journey in no small part from RPD’s coaching.

Keep on rolling.

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