+0: Getting There: Incremental Progress, Incremental Returns

Since the last post two weeks ago, life has felt like a whirlwind of trying to balance schoolwork, a few club activities, and the fallout of taking steps forward in this journey. In fact, this summary post itself has been much delayed.

For those who haven’t wasted the perfectly good 30 minutes it would waste to read my daily updates on KYIL’s forums, here’s a quick version digestible in twice the time to use the loo:

  • Progress on diet, learning to do it in a way that keeps my energy levels from crashing and gets me enough protein (about 100 grams or more on average). I think my body has also just gotten accustomed to running at a lower caloric input and not making me feel like crap for it.
  • Got used to going to the gym consistently. Adding weight or reps little by little each time. Not going for major improvement here, just trying to use it to keep muscle and increase my caloric deficit. My weights are quite low at the moment, but that will change over time.
  • Got some decent band shirts in rotation in addition to some plain black ones.
  • Got the kind of ripped black jeans I found and liked at an H&M in Japan, in a size that fits me.
  • Pierced my ears.
  • Fingered a couple new girls from Tinder, but no new notches; this may be from my inability to seize a moment and escalate. I probably need to review “how to touch a girl” from RPD’s coaching materials and KYIL Andy’s website articles because my head-knowledge is rusty and my experience-knowledge is rather low yet. Also had one girl who came over but was put off by my attempt to use cards to sexualize with a game. This issue has happened before, and I recognize I needed more “comfort” in this situation and should reserve my “trick” for the totally DTF “attraction” girls.
  • Had an “e-girl” with OnlyFans over on a date, didn’t escalate much and perhaps should have tried more, but she seemed out of the mood.
  • Got some better pictures at a photoshoot with a wing.
  • Kept hitting up a few bars looking for a position as a bartender (or to work my way up to it).
  • Worked some social game by joining some student organizations and continuing with swing dance.
  • Set back my goals and sleep occasionally with playing video games and forgetting my main goals.
  • Had a solid coaching call with RPD.
  • As well as preparation and planning for many other steps in this journey to improve myself.

I’m already seeing some progress; with better pictures on Tinder, I’m getting more matches (one about every 2-3 days instead of 0-2 per week), and to top it off with an ego boost, I’m getting lots of IOIs as I’m walking around campus between classes.

This feels surreal. This is what I’d been striving for, essentially, why I got so frustrated with myself a year and a half ago. And now I have it, in effect. But I also now see how much further there is to go. And I know how to get there more or less (coaching, researching, and approaching more girls). And I don’t want to waste this progress of becoming one of the most well-dressed non-business-majors on campus; sometime in the next month, I’ll flip the switch from focusing as much on self improvement to go harder on nightgame/cold approach and my ability (or present lack thereof) to talk to girls outside of the frame that “we’re already on a date.”

This is exciting, visceral, and honestly a wonderful time in my life. Making progress feels so much better than being a stagnant robot, like a cog in the modern machine.

Author: NightRoller

Learning, growing American learning to love on a deeper level.

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