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+1: Momentum Roadblocks and Surprise Workout Sickness [status update]

To summarize since my last post, here’s some of the progress:

  • I made an accountability thread on the Kill Your Inner Loser Forums where I’m posting almost every day.
  • I’ve implemented a calorie tracker app on my phone to make progress on getting lean.
  • Thanks to Pancake Mouse on that forum thread, I’ve learned many of my weaker points I need to develop in regards to style, including getting more jewelry and better pants/boots.
  • I made around 7-10 approaches in daygame since the last post. My motivation to do daygame on campus has petered out significantly since hearing from several sources that it really takes being calibrated to do it well, even on a big campus, and that it’s better serving to use online game, night game, and social circle (all of which I’m even weaker than day game: next to no experience). I still plan to do some, however.
  • I had one notch of sloppy, poor sex from a girl who I don’t really want to see again, but take pity on because she’s only been with guys who “wanted her only for sex”. But she’s so regular about texting that it annoys me. I’m not her fucking friend. Here, I’ll give myself permission to actually tell her to stop texting me as much. Anyway, that brings me up to 5.
  • RPD and I had a solid coaching call.
  • I set some concrete goals, those being:
  • +Lose weight to the point of seeing unflexed abs by January
  • +Become a bartender before January
  • +Have at least one make-out in a bar/club by December
  • +Approach/talk to at least 100 people in a bar by October, because I suck at talking to mixed/female groups in “party” environments
  • +Have sex with at least 10 new girls from now until January. (Not impossible, but likely difficult because I have only had 5 intercourse excursions and will need to work on my social circle, nightgame, and online game a lot).

But there’s been several problems that took me off guard:

  • One is how my profile is low enough/bad enough (from my poor style and camera) that my Hinge profile only gets to swipe on the girls who are fat and/or can’t take photos that look good at all (“bottom of the barrel”). Ouch.
  • During a workout, found out that after a couple weeks of not going to the gym, doing double what you’re used to doing is not a great idea unless you want to feel sick like you have a cold. Don’t try RPD’s workout cold turkey—ease into it.
  • Another is lack of sleep plus dehydration—these have led me to having a recurring headache the past week, on top of super-sore legs up until today (today is the first day where I genuinely feel like I could jog if I tried). Those factors combined with an intentional caloric deficit made it a slow recovery.
  • Another is my lack of motivation some days. Literally, instead of focusing on my goals first thing, I played a bunch of video games then tried to cram the important stuff into the end of the day. That just doesn’t work.

And here’s where the current plans are:

  • This week and a half, I’ll be focusing on genuinely trying nightgame on my own, on getting a bartending job, and on improving my style (in fact, later today I’ll be going out to some shops).
  • Next goal is to re-evaluate where I’m at, then likely focus on improving online dating.

Let’s keep moving down this journey.

Author: NightRoller

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3 thoughts on “+1: Momentum Roadblocks and Surprise Workout Sickness [status update]”

    1. This seems quite plausible. I didn’t figure out that workaround per se, but definitely when I set my “distance” as a dealbreaker it significantly upgraded the attractiveness of the people Hinge is showing.
      It’s never done this in my experience before, up until recently (perhaps started around my return from Japan). Curious that it’s been a thing for over 4+ years and Hinge hasn’t fixed it.


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